Surface treatment of metals

  • Surfacing brass and copper to Antique style and patterns
  • Rusting of Cor-Ten sheet
  • Burnishing of steel
  • Translucent effect laquering on all metals (tinting)
Surface treatment of metals

With years of experience we provide various finishing treatment of metal surfaces in exceptional quality.

Many of surfaces are handcrafted.

Beside our diverse collection of metal surfaces we also provide surfacing based on your preferences and wishes.

We provide mainteinance and cleaning instructions of different metals and finishes with every order.

For additional information or inquiry please feel free to contact us:

Phone: +386 1 724 07 58



Tuscan Sun
01 / Tuscan Sun
Imperium Gold Matte Hairline
02 / Imperium Gold Matte Hairline
Imperium Gold Matte Radial
03 / Imperium Gold Matte Radial
Bohemian Rhapsody
04 / Bohemian Rhapsody
Royal Antique Dark
05 / Royal Antique Dark
Royal Antique Bright
06 / Royal Antique Bright
Antique Tresor
07 / Antique Tresor

Stainless Steel

Aurora Sky Matte
10 / Aurora Sky Matte


Vulcano Gray Radial
08 / Vulcano Gray Radial
Vulcano Gray Hairline
09 / Vulcano Gray Hairline
Antique Art
11 / Antique Art